Diamond Creek

Diamond Creek Vineyard is situated in Napa Valley, U.S., it is founded in 1968 by a Canadian wealthy man named Al Brounstein. Now, Al Brounstein is the leading giant of brewing Cabernet Sauvignon and recognized as the best too. Diamond Hill is at the south end of Napa Valley, rich in minerals that appear sparkly to gain its name. Diamond Creek Vineyard is at the foothill of Diamond Hill.


The vines in Diamond Creek Vineyard average around 35 years old, planting 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Merlot and 4% Cabernet Franc. All grapes are hand-picked and strictly selected. There are 4 plots in the vineyard: Volcanic Hill and Red Rock Terrance both produce and bottle the wine from its own plot, Lake Vineyard and Gravelly Meadow blend their wine using grapes from their own and other plots. Diamond Creek uses California local redwood barrels at the beginning stage of wine production, later during maturation, they switch using French oak barrels.  The vineyard has the capacity of producing around 38,000 bottles of wine annually. The 4 distinct plots have their own characteristic: Volcanic Hill has a hot underground that produces spectacular, rich wine body, high tannin and profound for aging; wine from the Red Rock Terrance is fruitier and elegant; Gravelly Meadow’s wine is lighter; Lake Vineyard’s is delicate and soft.