The ORD Fine Wines Group story began with the opening of our Head Office in Hong Kong in 2002 which was shortly followed by our successful expansion into Greater China with the opening of our offices in Zhongshan in 2006.


Besides the expansion of our wine portfolio, further growth in Hong Kong and China via increased logistics coverage and additional offices in Guangzhou and Beijing, our market presence and profile was greatly enhanced by numerous achievements and partnerships such as being chosen as the official Champagne Sponsor to The Hong Kong Jockey Club in 2004, sponsoring Cirque du Soleil in 2005, hosting the first Botrytis forum in 2012 and winning Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Award and Caring Company Award in 2015. Moreover, in line with our aim of supplying only the finest, ORD became the official distributor of the coveted Screaming Eagle wine in China in 2016.


Today ORD Fine Wines Group is well established as one of Hong Kong and China’s preferred wholesale and retail operations with one of the region’s best selection of wine supported by an experienced and dedicated team of professionals.

Social responsibility and care continue to be important to ORD and we were honoured to have our company award renewed and upgraded from 5 years+ to 10 years+ in recognition of our continued effort.
Our journey began in 2002 as “Onereddot Fine Wines”
We began our esteemed partnership with The Hong Kong Jockey Club as their official race winning Champagne sponsor – an honour that still exists today
Our brand gained further recognition as we became an official sponsor for the Cirque du Soleil Hong Kong tour
With our business expanding, a number of operations were opened in China
In 2012 we organized Hong Kong’s first ever Botrytis Forum
To further cement our business in China, ORD opened our flagship store in Beijing – now known as ORD Fine Wines Cellar
Social responsibility is also important to ORD and we were proud to be awarded the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Award and the Caring Company Award
With many highly sought after wines in our portfolio, ORD was delighted to become the Greater China distributor of the coveted wine, Screaming Eagle
Officially rebranded ORD Fine Wines Group in Hong Kong
Officially rebranded ORD Fine Wines Cellar in Beijing
The partnership continues with The Hong Kong Jockey Club for 2018 -2021 racing seasons with Champagne Piper-Heidsieck
This year marked a major milestone for ORD – our 20th Anniversary !
Our expanding portfolio now includes 60 wineries with the recent additions of Chateau Seraphine, Champagne Rousseaux-Batteaux and Domaine Hoffmann-Jayer