Chateau de Fargues

An atypical estate as well as atypical wine, Chateau de Fargues - a Lur Saluces property - bears majestic witness to the past. This historical perspertive enables the chateau to cultivate a fine reputation among a small, but devoted circle of connoisseurs, and rise about the turnoil of the present or the influence of short-lived trends. 


An impressive number of recent vintages - 1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000 (with lovely, lively acidity), the sumptuous 2001, the fresh 2002, the excellent 2003, and the brant new 2004 (recgonised as one of the best Sauternes of the vintage) - demonstrate, and will continue to demonstrate for some time, Chateau de Fargues exquisite quality.