Chateau Seraphine

This celebrated small production vineyard has an overall surface of 2.2 hectares and is split into two parcels. At Plince, they have 1 hectare of vines situated on a well-draining slope of sandy topsoil over clay and deep gravel. The second block at Mazeyres is 1.2h and is also laid out in two distinct sections. The first part consists of a raised deposit of deep gravel and is planted with old Merlot vines. The second part sits on a gentle slope with shallow sandy soil over gravel with Pomerol’s signature blue clay. They work exclusively by horse for all of their soil work including under row ploughing and tilling while employing eco-friendly viticultural practices. The vineyard is similar in size to the world renowned Le Pin which is only 1.6km away and is similarly creating a deserved legend for itself.