Le Vicomte

Le Vicomte is produced and bottled in France famous wine region “Bordeaux”, it uses 100% Merlot here is the world's most important wine region, many people are exploring the French wine begins here. For each one of Bordeaux wine lovers. Bordeaux is the world's largest wine region, where a total of 120,000 hectares of vineyards (equivalent to Australia's national acreage). Assuming planted 6,000 vines per hectare, Bordeaux, a total of 720,000,000 (700,000,000 twenty million) vines, planted almost entirely by hand! There are more than 7000 Bordeaux chateau. French quality wines AOC-(Appellation D'origine Controlee AOC, Cru Bourgogies, Grand Cru Classés, many high-quality and need to provide the official rating these wines.


In fact, the varieties of grape, plantation and wine brewing techniques in Bordeaux have improved rapidly in the 19 centuries. At the same time, it has gained a competitive position in the market by offering great variety of wines. Out of all the competitors, Le Vicomte produces the highest quality of Red Merlot, annual production of around 25,000 cases. Its special taste and subtle changes in the oral cavity will make it very memorable.