Feudi di San Gregorio

The Feudi di San Gregorio is located in some of the most ancient wine-producing land in the South of Italy, Campania. Its Taurasi red wine and Fiano di Avellino white wine are renowned quality wine in Italy. Star winemaker Riccardo Cotarella has teamed up with the another super star French Champagne maker Anselme Selosse to create a series of unique and high-end méthode champenoise (Spumante) names DUBL, means double.


The DUBL collection has 3, the Spumante DUBL Greco di Tufo. Greco is the most premium white varietal in the South of Italy, filled with floral, honey and nutty flavor, rich texture, a fresh and dynamic grape that produces stunning wine. Falanghina gives the floral, grapefruit, pear and honey note, together with a mineral noise, wonderful level of tannin and complex texture giving an incredible balance. Aglianico is the only pink bubbles in the vineyard, its seductive noise filled with wild berries, raspberry, floral and vanilla, delicate yet intense bubbles, fresh, crispy and long lasting after taste. The vineyard is closely monitored with a meteorological station, and the technologies in the new state-of-art wine cellar ensures that each vintage comes as close to perfection as possible