Domaine A.-F. Gros

Anne-Françoise Gros is the representative of the sixth generation of winemakers in her family. She learned winemaking skills from her father; and her skill is as good as her brothers, Michel Gros and Bernard Gros. They all place in a formidable position within Burgundy’s hierarchy. In 1976, Anne-Françoise got married to François Parent. In 1998, François combined his vineyard to Anne-Françoise’s one and established their own brand Domaine A. -F. Gros.

Anne-Françoise Gros uses the traditional method with Pinot Noir making a miraculously tasty wine which is especially elegant, almost feminine.  The label of A. -F. Gros is interesting, it is the avatar of a girl. Some people said the girl is like Anne-Françoise which makes it easy to recognize.