Margaret River is a famous wine region in the Western of Australia, enjoying a blessed geographic location surrounded by sea. There are about 3,000-hectares of vineyards, over 260 vine plantations and wineries; many wines produced in this area have earned many awards in all kinds of wine competitions. Due to similar soil and climate, Margaret River is described as the “Bordeaux of France”. Up till now, people still compare the wine productions in Margaret River and Bordeaux, although they share similarities, wine produced in Margaret River also have its own characteristic.


Umamu is situated in the Margaret River, this family enterprise is founded in 1978 and now run by an Asian immigrant called Charmaine Saw. In the process of vine plantation, Umamu allows the grapes to grow naturally without disturbance. Umamu got some excellent results in the Decanter Global Wine Competition: Gold Medal for Umamu Chardonnay, Bronze medal for Umamu  Cabernet Merlot and International Merit for Umamu Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.