Serafin Pere et Fils

In 1947, Christian Serafin’s father, Stanislaw Serafin, acquired some of the best pieces of land in Gevrey-Chambertin to establish a vineyard. It was small, only 4.32 hectares but he was able to generate a harvest that allowed him to produce wines with rich fruit aromas, elegance and concentration. The wines were also perfectly balanced and many remain fresh after many years of bottle ageing which further underlines their quality. SERAFIN PERE & FILS wines in Gevrey-Chambertin present unique elegance, delicate, fragrant fruit and aim to exhibit depth and complexity. Historically, “Les Cazetiers” targeted men and “Charmes-Chambertin” ladies but SERAFIN PERE & FILS are to be enjoyed by all lovers of Pinot Noir and Burgundy.